The Missing ELEMENTS.

Time Series Data Contextualization

Operational and commercial asset optimization is driven by accessible, reliable, scalable, and contextualized real time data. The Time Series Contextualization ELEMENTS of BKO AI's Common Model provides this access.
BKO’s solution efficiently links extensive arrays of sensors back to their corresponding equipment.  

This connection between equipment and sensors is crucial. Without it, deriving meaningful and scalable insights from real-time sensor data becomes exceedingly difficult, if not impossible.  At BKO we accomplish this by combining human input with Large Language Models, including ChatGPT, BKO’s Common Model solution, and powered by Databricks pipelines and Databricks Unity Catalogue, the industry’s first unified governance solution for data and AI on the Lakehouse.

This combination gives the required accessible, reliable, and contextualized time series data that is needed for scalable analysis.

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